TherapeuticVillage, LLC​

"Mental Health, Trauma, Relationship and Parenting Solutions"

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 In Winchester, Ky Main office 19 Wainscott Avenue

 Satellite offices in several counties and TELEHEALTH Statewide!

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Our Mission is to bring hope and healing for families and individuals by addressing the whole person – the spiritual, physical, emotional, family, social, creative, and relational parts of a person.

Our Belief is that Family, Relationships, and Community are cornerstones of our society and our emotional well-being.  Therefore we offer you this Village of Services to bring these connections  back into your life.  It Takes a Village!

Our Primary Values include Honesty, Respect, Humility, Passion, and Integrity​​.  

Our Vision is to provide a village atmosphere where you are provided the best care possible

Our Culture is that we stand by our Mission Statement, Values and Beliefs noted in our work and with whom we employ.