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 Silver Linings for COVID-19

While this crisis is quite serious, people have had to make quick and difficult decisions.  Our doctors, nurses, first responders, those who sit for the elderly, and others have been put in the forefront of the danger of this disease.  But there are still some Silver Linings.  First is these people are being Brave, Selfless and Tireless for everyone;

People have come together with a sense of Community, Love, and Support to which I have never seen in this Country.  And even though I lived through the 911 Crisis, I see the country pulling together even more than that;

We have shown how Resilient we are as it appears that most people are able to Cope, probably to a greater degree than they expected;

Our Children are getting to see us respond to this crisis in an organized manner.  They are seeing us pull together and be Flexible.  They are seeing us Work at Home, giving them a better sense of a positive Work-Ethic.  They are seeing us Study at home (for us students).  We are providing them with great Role Models in many different ways;

We have Slowed Down and changed our Priorities. No longer are we having to get up at the crack of dawn, get the kids to school and rush to work, we get to set our own Pace, slow down and get to be with our own Families instead of our Work Families;

Our Priorities have also changed because life has become more precious, people are dying, and we know that someone close to us could get struck at any minute with this virus.  This is in our consciousness at all times, and we have become more aware in general of our values and priorities;

We have been able to spend Family Time with our Children.  While we may be juggling two jobs - work at home and being the teachers to our children, we are still At home with the Family.  Some of us even get to spend more time Playing with the Children, taking walks, playing games, bike riding, throwing the football,  teaching them to cook. The list can go on and on; 

                  Our Pets are much Happier that we are home.  Our houses may be Cleaner (maybe more cluttered though;

People and Communities are being Creative.  Lexington offered up the “Bear Hunt” idea where people could put Stuffed Animals (Bears) in their windows and families could take their children out for a Bear Hunt.  I could go on and on about the creative ideas I have seen;

The Government has responded to ease our worries about finances.  Companies, Organizations and Churches have been very Flexible and Responded quickly, efficiently and with heart-felt assistance.  I have seen bosses cry due to lay-offs;

We have come together as a People.  We seem Nicer, More Compassionate, More Subdued, Less Rushed, More Helpful.  Priorities are altered.   

Crisis is the Opportunity to change us for the better!

Thank You!  Cheryl Elam, LMFT.  Therapeutic Village where we offer Hope and Healing.  We are up and running using “Telehealth” to see our clients for Mental Health and Parenting issues. 

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