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Online Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapy  

                                       Limitations of On-line Therapy

  • Crisis Situations are difficult for on-line therapist to manage, so if you are in a crisis, call 911, a hotline,  or go to your local ER or call a local therapist.   See our Referral Page for numbers and other suggestions. 
  • Limitations to Technology - critical conversations may get disrupted due to technical difficulties, or emails may not be  received by intended therapist in a timely fashion. 
  • Email, Phone and Chat don't allow for assessing a person's body language and tone of voice. 
  • Difficult problems, such as psychosis or major mental illnesses may not be suitable for on-line therapy.  .Type your paragraph here.

                                     Benefits of On-Line Therapy

  • Convenience - You can talk with your therapist while at home, on vacation, or during your lunch hour.  No need to spend time driving or missing appointments due to being out of town.
  • Reduces the stigma - while we have your name and address, your privacy is protected from the public.
  • More affordable than traditional therapy - online therapy is often less expensive than face-to-face therapy.   In some states, private insurance will pay for online therapy.  
  • Easy access - Provides accessibility to people who are disabled, home-bound or live in rural areas.
  • Effective - Online therapy has been shown to be effective by several studies and is being accepted by many  state licensing boards.  The video based services are very similar to face-to-face with all the new HIPAA compliant video streaming software.  In addition,  using Email and Chat, people tend to be more honest with their therapist.  In addition, written communications has therapeutic value and  is an evidence-based strategy..
  • Wave of the Future - State boards and counseling associations are scrambling to set up their ethic codes and laws to ensure that online therapy/counseling is keeping up with the future and technology.Type your paragraph here.