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Face to Face Traditional Therapy:  If you want traditional face-to-face therapy,   simply  call our phone number, 859-595-5860, or email us through the Contact Us Page.   We will schedule you an appointment with one of our therapists.  At this time, we have just one location, 19 Wainscott Avenue, Winchester KY, but we are planning on opening offices in other surrounding counties.  We currently serve many surrounding counties including Bourbon, Madison, Montgomery, Bath, Estill, et cetera.  

For Online Therapy,  you must have access to a Smart Phone, Laptop, or Tablet. 

Review out website, review the benefits and limitations to online therapy.  Check out our Therapists and select someone you think may be a good fit for you.  Look through the issues that we address and read our Mission page.  Then go to our Free Screening page and fill it out. 

You can give a call at any time, typically we will answer during regular business hours (EST time).  If not, leave us an message and we will call you back as soon as possible.  If you are in a crisis, you may want to check out our Crisis Page and call one of the 24-hour/7 days per week hotlines that we have listed there. 

For Online Therapy, we Screen Clients as follows:  A new client will sign up to our service by visiting a the Free Screening Page on this Website.  Fill out the form and include your Phone number and Email in the Comments section.  Then Submit this form which will come to us as an Email.  Once we review it, typically within 2 business days, we will contact you.  This screening will help us assess if an on-line  service is appropriate for you or if we need to help you find a face-to-face therapist in your location, if possible.  Some of the criteria we use to determine if online therapy is appropriate are that  clients must be at least 18 years old.  Clients must not be feeling suicidal or homicidal, or psychotic.   Also review the Benefits and Limitations of Online Therapy on the Home Page.  

Selecting a Therapist:  If you have visited the "Select a Therapist or Counselor" page, find a therapist licensed in your state and enter that name in the Free Screening form above, or send us another Email to let us know who you choose.  If you do not find a therapist in the state in which you live, then you can email us and we can see if we can find a therapist for you. 

Appointment  Once you have done the above, you will be scheduled an Intake Appointment. 

 Is on-line therapy beneficial, ethical, legal ? 

The answer is "YES" when practiced within the frameworks noted above. 

Costs and Payments

In-Office/Face to Face therapy is billed typically through Insurance.  We take all major insurances.  See our Insurance Page for more details.  We can also do Self Pay for face to face.  Online Therapy is completely Self-Pay.  We do not currently use insurance for the On-line services.  The cost for online therapy is $3.00  per minute with a minimum of 25  minutes which is called a Unit.  One unit is $75.00, 2 units is $ 150.00  and so forth.   Payments are made through Credit Card unless you and the therapist make other arrangements.  Typical sessions are a 50 minute hour.  Bundles can be purchased at  a discount.  

     1 Unit (25 minutes)  at $75.00 regular price

     2 Units (50 minutes) at $150.00 regular price

   10 Units (5-50 minute hours)  would be $625. Discounted rate would be $500 if purchased as a bundle.  This can be charged to your credit card.   *** Note:  For those clients that go through the Kentucky Grief and Trauma Center, EMDR can be used for therapy sessions rendering the number of sessions significantly lower than traditional therapy.    You may only need the 10 Units!   

What about Face-To-Face Therapy ?

Not interested in Online Therapy, ? Check out our Therapy Practice Locations Page and see if there is a therapist you can see in an office setting near you.  Your therapist may also be able to provide In-Home Therapy. 

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